About Emily

Passionate about Feeding and supporting families in their feeding journey.
Emily trained as an Occupational Therapist (1999) and an Acupuncturist (2015). She is a NZ registered Acupuncturist. She has experience in many treatment settings, including hospital, nursing home, outpatient clinic, 0-3yrs home visits, supported housing and day programs for DD adults, and school-based therapy. Emily has extensive experience with birth injury, torticollis, brain injury, developmental delay, language impairment, autism spectrum disorder, genetic disorders (such as trisomy 21 and FoxG1), and children with multiple medical needs. Her work is strongly influenced by both traditional and modern medicine.

Emily has worked with feeding conditions her entire 20+yr career. It was her most challenging clients that were her best teachers and inspiration to help all her clients get better, not just the easy cases. She became an Acupuncturist and learned extensive manual techniques because she was frustrated with the outcomes in standard care, especially for children. Feeding became a focus in 2016 when working an area underserved for feeding therapy. She studied determinedly for ways to regulate eating and swallowing skills in her clients. At the onset of the pandemic, she approached working via telehealth with the same determination as she had with mastering her feeding approach. Much to her delight, she continued to get exceptional results via telehealth. She loves how empowering telehealth is for families.
Emily’s passion is helping people lead their best lives. When she is not working, she is loves spending time with her three children, husband, and friends. She loves to garden, cook, read and travel.
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