Helping Children become Independent Eaters

Functional Feeding Method:
Helplessness to Hope.


Holistic Approach

Non-intrusive Intervention

Are you struggling with...

  • Are you worried about your child’s inability to eat?
  • Is your doctor talking about tube feeding?
  • Is your child diagnosed with Pediatric Feeding Disorder or Failure to Thrive?
  • Does your infant have difficulty swallowing milk or formula?
  • Does she gag on bottles or nipples?
  • Does he have “oral aversion” or “sensory defensiveness” to food?
  • Did your baby take milk ok, but is struggling with the introduction of solids?
  • Would you like help with tube weaning?
  • Did your child or family member lose feeding skills following a neurological event, such as a stroke or seizure?
  • Have you tried "everything" to help your child eat? Are you looking for a completely different approach?

We can help!

We will teach you safe, gentle ways to balance the muscles related to swallowing and feeding in the comfort of your own home.
Functional Feeding Coaching will give you clear, doable programs to support your child to overcome their feeding challenges. The theory behind Functional Feeding is complex, but the application is simple. Emily is your guide to oral feeding.
Skills for Independence
You will learn effective techniques you can safely implement at home for the long term.
Compassionate Care
Emily is invested in client outcomes and cares about helping kids live their best lives.
Empowered Families
You will leave each session with skills to actively help your child, rather than being a passive observer.

I know it is so scary when your child can’t eat…

I have worked with dozens of families just like yours to get their children eating independently. I am passionate about this work and will work with you to develop a personalized feeding coaching plan you can do at home to achieve functional oral feeding.

What our Clients Say

My daughter was diagnosed with a rare type of epilepsy at four months old. She is now nine years old, it has been a long journey throughout these years. She is nonverbal and quadriplegic. She has seen countless specialists and has done all types of therapies. We started seeing Emily virtually about a month ago. It has been so amazing to work with Emily. She explains everything so clearly, sends pictures and is always available for questions. After about a month, our daughter has been smiling more, making better eye contact, holding her own bottle (for the first time in 4-5years), being more responsive, stronger (with better balance and control). We are so happy and excited to be working with Emily. 20/9/22
you are absolutely correct about those massages... There is no other way to explain the near sudden explosion of language we've seen, not just in putting multiple syllables or words together, but in his ability to learn new words so quickly!
Our teenage son has complex medical needs and has had significant issues for many years. He has complex communication needs but has told us that with Emily’s treatment he feels less pain and tells us that his body feels better after sessions. We have observed a change in his posture, overall mood and an increase in his independent feeding skills. He has worked with Emily for over a year and he always looks forward to sessions and has begun to be able to communicate to us where he would like us to massage and do treatment. We are grateful to her for the incredible work she is doing! Becca 15/3/21

What We Do

Individualized 45-60min sessions with Emily. She will guide you through treatments you can safely do at home on your way to independent feeding. Sessions are lessons to address the overall feeding goals, but also solve any immediate concerns, like digestive issues, teething or sleep issues.
Invitation only 6 week long small group sessions which address important techniques for common problems associated with feeding issues, such as Parasympathetic Nervous System, or the “Rest and Digest nervous system” regulation. These might be supplemental to your individual sessions, or for mild issues, appropriate as a stand alone treatment; depending on the outcome of your individual assessment.

Motor group schedule:
  • Wk1 Healthy child massage
  • Wk2 Diaphragm protocol
  • Wk3 Neck protocol
  • Wk4 Cranial-facial protocol
  • Wk5 Tongue protocol
  • Wk 6 Brain circulation protocol
Do you work with feeding or developmental issues? Are you looking to expand your skill set? Do you want to learn simple, effective treatments for exceptional results? You are in the right place! I love to mentor therapists who want to make a difference in the lives of children with developmental and feeding issues.

Steps to How We Work

Initial Assessment

Our telehealth practice is available worldwide and start with an initial assessment.

Feeding Solution Plan

Working with you and your family we will create a Feeding Solution Plan and organize weekly follow-up sessions.

Your Child Eating

You should expect to see changes almost immediately. They may be small to start with, but build up over time.

Schedule an initial consultation with us

I have been fortunate to collaborate with Emily as a team member. She is extremely knowledgeable and seamlessly blends her expertise in multiple intervention methodologies. She explains how techniques from eastern traditions can augment other intervention strategies as she models and teaches caregivers the techniques. Our team has observed great progress in multiple areas of development since Emily joined our team, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to other families.

Dylan C, Early Childhood Teacher

About Emily

Hi, I am Emily. I love working with complex kids. I volunteered in the special education program in my school when I was 12years old, and I knew I wanted to work with special kids. In the course of my career, it was the difficult cases that got my attention. I took a vow to myself that all my clients would get better, not just the easy cases. I have made it my life’s work to figure out what actually significantly changes developmental outcomes. Feeding became my focus and passion in 2016 when I was working with a newborn, Jacquelyn, with dysphagia. I was really attached to her and her mother and I studied really hard to find out how to help her. She taught me what to do for swallowing disorders. In my area feeding therapist were in short supply, and soon almost all my caseload was feeding therapy. At on start of the pandemic Emily successfully developed ways to simulate the protocols that worked in person.
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