Testimonial | Guadalupe, 2022

I was a weekly Spanish interpreter for many clients in person and telehealth for Emily over 2 years. The majority of the clients we saw had feeding problems, many also had underlying conditions like Downs Syndrome. I saw the children improve their feeding skills but also their motor skills, and their communication.  They understood and you can see the difference in them because they were doing things they were never able to do. The smiles on their faces for being able to accomplish the tasks were priceless. Each week we saw improvements. I stay in touch with some families after therapy and I continue to see improvement. The parents continue doing the massages Emily taught them and also printed out for them. It amazes me how far they have come with Emily’s help. 

I have interpreted for many therapists and never have I seen the results I’ve seen with Emily’s method. To be honest I’ve never seen any other therapist do what she does. Emily is an amazing therapist, she’s patient, professional and really helps these children in dire need of help. She loves her job and it shows in the outcome. 

I was always in Awe with each child we saw because even on the first week you can see a big difference in the child. She gets results no matter what the problem is with the child. If one way wasn’t working she would try a different one and she always resolved the problem. 

She is also very knowledgeable with different people of different cultural backgrounds. She knows the beliefs and respects them. She is able to use different methods to accommodate each family. 

I hope that one day I am able to work with Emily again. She would make my days happy ones by seeing how she made such an impact on all these families and gave them hope that they’re child was going to get better. The best part is they saw it right before their eyes.

I highly recommend Emily and have so in the past to many people, not just children but adults also. 

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